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At our MoleMap clinic, melanoma detection is all we do. That’s why we’re the most thorough and trusted melanoma skin cancer detection program in the world.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with the skills of the world's best melanoma dermatologists and have a far higher chance of diagnosing melanoma at an early stage, when it is most treatable.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, but if detected early is easily treated.

MoleMap have a range of services for those concerned about just one mole, those that want a thorough head-to-toe examination with the MoleMap Skin Check or those that want total peace of mind with the worlds most advanced and trusted melanoma detection service – the Full-Body MoleMap.

MoleMap Spot Check
Select up to three moles to be checked.
Identify up to three moles that you are worried about to be imaged by a MoleMap melanographer and sent to one of our specialist dermatologists for diagnosis.

MoleMap Skin Check
Thorough point-in-time check to make sure you are OK today.
A thorough head-to-toe skin check by a MoleMap melanographer and identification and imaging of any moles showing features of skin cancer for subsequent expert dermatologist diagnosis.

Full-Body MoleMap
Most popular service option. A pro-active approach to help manage your skin cancer risk.
A thorough head-to-toe skin check by a MoleMap melanographer and imaging of all significant moles for subsequent dermatologist diagnosis. This unique service also helps you in proactively managing your melanoma risk by creating a complete photographic record of your skin and moles, which is used to monitor changes in your skin in order to detect melanoma earlier, when it is most treatable.

You can phone us on 1800 665 362 or visit www.molemap.net.au